Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

Being a dad is a low paying, but highly benefited job.  With two super active, precocious, and sometimes well disciplined boys (all due to the lovely Momma K), I've had to seek out advice and escape from family, friends, the interwebs and faith. 

My goal for the blog is pretty simple:  Share stuff with dads (and moms) that I find interesting, helpful, cool, preposterous and zany.  It may be about kids, it may be about the lawn, it may be about watches, or it may be about cooking.  I really won't know until I know!

This blog won't be a just a photo album of my life, my kids life, or a ginormous tweet.  Well, I hope not!

If you find the stuff here cool, or if you find it crappy, send me feedback.  And tell your friends!