Thursday, January 27, 2011

What Superhero are you?

I admit it.  I was a comic book junkie during my formative years as a pre-teen.

I remember spending a lot of the money I earned working at the Rochester, NY Public Market on Saturday mornings, on comics.  My brother Joe and I were (and I still am) Marvel Comics fans.

Being the younger brother, I got second choice on titles.  Joe got X-Men, I got Avengers, and so on.  It worked well - and we ended up usually reading each others comics anyway.

But my favorite then, and still now, is Captain America

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He didn't have mutant super powers.  He didn't have X-Ray vision.  He was soldier given Super Serum, with a tough as nails shield.  He was stronger than most, muscular like few, and of single minded purpose.  And that's what I found most compelling.

If you look over ----> you'll see a little about me in my Bio.  Being a first generation American, I feel a special bond with those that love the country like Cap.  This land gave my family opportunity, and the values that the US of A stands for are those that I hold most dear.

They are the same values that I try (and sometimes succeed) in teaching my 2 boys.

So, Cap has become a mascot of mine.  I get shirts, have a little figurine, even a print somewhere in the bowels of our storage unit. 

And the kids think HE is ME!  It doesn't get ANY better than that.

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So, tell me.  What Supehero are you?

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